Fairy Tail - HQS+ Natsu Dragneel 1/4 78 x 80 x 77cm Expand

Fairy Tail - HQS+ Natsu Dragneel Dragon Slayer 1/4 78 x 80 x 77cm

Tsume Tsume



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Fairy Tail - HQS+ Natsu Dragneel Dragon Slayer 1/4 78 x 80 x 77cm

Data release: secondo semestre 2019
data arrivo EU: da fine 2019 circa
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Natsu is back at TSUME in HQS+!  

The young mage of the Fairy Tail Guild is now adapted in 1/4th scale at the side of his foster parent, the Fire Dragon Igneel.  

The legend says dragons have disappeared on July, 7th X777, but the soul of Igneel actually slept within Natsu's body until the time had come for him to fight the Dragon Acnologia.  

Igneel was the one who taught Natsu the Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, so we decided to represent them together, while Natsu is getting ready to strike at his ennemi with a fire punch. 

This statue pays tribute to the bond that unites the young man and his mentor through a dynamic pose and a fine realization.

A LED system lights up the flames on the base and the dragon's eyes.  

The realisation of this statue was born from the perfect combination between digital and traditional sculpting. Natsu and the flames were made in 3D, while Ignis was sculpted traditionally, each scale made on by one.  

The paint work aimed to find the smooth feeling of the anime while working on subtle gradients.  

This is one of the most ambitious TSUME creation and has involved over 15 people in the process. 

Scale 1/4. Total run of 777 pieces.

Estimated release date : Second semester 2019.

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